RogerRabbit-Prize 2014

Gary K. Wolf Announces the First Winner of the 2014 Roger Rabbit Exclusive Giveaway.
By Fan Grrl International | 20th August 2014

The Roger Rabbit Winner Announcement!!!

One of the greatest animated films of all time is Who Framed Roger Rabbit, directed by Robert Zemeckis, starring Bob HoskinsChristopher Lloyd, Kathleen Turnerand Charles Fleischer as Roger Rabbit himself.  Not only is it a spectacular work of movie magic art and artistry, but the story also covers a very interesting and unique look at the old Hollywood studios and the golden age of animation.  Unfortunately, Roger Rabbit and his Toon Town friends have struggled for more than 25 years to get back onto the screen.  There have been many attempts at Roger Rabbit’s return, but nothing has happened to please the sea of adoring Toon Town fans.


However, this year at Comic Con, Gary K. Wolf, the creator of Roger Rabbit and Toon Town, made a special video announcement.   As a genuine  “thank you”  for over 25 years of loyal fandom of these toons, Mr. Wolf has put together a special Roger Rabbit Collector’s Exclusive Giveaway.  Very exciting.  I had the honor of interviewing Mr. Wolf about what’s up and what’s new.

Fan Grrl International:  A big hello to Mr. Gary K. Wolf!  It is a pleasure to hear from you about your interesting world of Roger Rabbit and Toon Town fun.  I want to start by saying that I’m a big fan of Roger Rabbit, Toon Town, and of course Jessica Rabbit.  Most fan girls I’ve met have been strong supporters of your characters, and I think it is safe to say that we are all hoping for more. Let’s start this interview with the announcement regarding “The Roger Rabbit Collectors’ Exclusive Giveaway Contest.” Wow!  Who is the first lucky winner? What do they win? Where are they from?

Gary K. Wolf:  Hey, how you doing Fan Grrl International?  And hello to all of you Roger Rabbit fans out there.  This is Gary K. Wolf, the creator of Roger Rabbit, coming to you live from Toontown Central.  I’m here to announce the first winner in my big, spectacular Roger Rabbit giveaway extravaganza contest.  To refresh your memories, I asked fans to tell me what Roger and Jessica would wear to a costume party.  The answers I got were incredible…Very creative stuff.  The awards committee had a tough time picking a winner.

And that winner is…. Roger Rabbit fan Adam Nunez.  Adam’s answer was so wackadoodle, so funny, so bizarre that I suspect Adam might be a Toon himself.

Adam didn’t just give me costume ideas, he wrote me a little story to go along with them.  To read Adam’s story, and to find out what the winning costumes were, go to my blog on my website, or to the Fans of Who Wacked Roger Rabbit Facebook page.  I’ll post Adam’s answer in both places.

Adam wins a blu-ray of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a limited edition printed copy of my new book Who Wacked Roger Rabbit?, and an extremely rare one zillion simoleons $ note, all autographed by me.

RogerRabbit-Prize 2014

Fan Grrl International: That is very exciting, especially the “One Zillion Simoleons $ Note”.  I recall you saying that these Zillion $ notes cannot be purchased anywhere in the world, and they were only given out to celebrities at the opening of the Disneyland Park Toon Town and Roger Rabbit Ride.  That is a very special collector’s prize.  If I won, I would frame it and hang it in my office.

It is interesting that John Lasseter, (Chief Creative Officer of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios and Principal Creative Advisor, Walt Disney Imagineering) is not showing more interest in giving these characters new life on the screen.  It seems obvious that a whole new generation of fans would love the rabbit.


It could easily be a perfect blend of cross marketing. There are so many potential Roger projects: a new Disney film, a new Disney television series, new Disney Toon Town attractions and rides in the Theme Parks.  Have you seen the fan petitions, begging Disney for more Roger Rabbit?  As an open letter to Disney and Roger Rabbit fans around the world, could you comment some on this?

Gary K. Wolf:  One thing was clear from the many comments that contestants sent me.  All you Roger fans are really anxious to see Roger and his madcap buddies back on the big screen.  Everybody wants to know when that will happen.  Let’s hope one day soon. The world today desperately needs a hefty dose of Toon jocularity.  I’ve put together a project many of you have heard about.  It’s a buddy comedy called The Stooge starring Roger and his bestie Mickey Mouse.  Will that be the next Roger Rabbit opus?  Who knows.  All we can do is keep our ears crossed and keep holding on to our rabbit’s foot for good luck.

The Roger Rabbit Stooge Poster

Fan Grrl International:  You are working on something new now with writer/producer Erik von Wodtke. There was a lot of excitement and buzz about “The Stooge” Disney development proposal that you guys put together about a year ago.  Can you tell us anything about your new animated series?  Can you tell us a bit about the lead character?  Who he is and what’s his background?

Gary K. Wolf:  Yes indeed, if you want a Toon fix, I’m deep in development on a new animated series starring a Toon detective named Harry Wolf.  Any resemblance between Harry and me is….well, probably more than coincidental.  Except that I’m a Wolf in name only, and Harry’s a real wolf.

Harry’s been accused of a murder he didn’t commit.  He’s been stripped of his P.I. license.  He has to get by doing odd jobs for an ex-Army buddy of his who now runs a red-hot Toon nightclub and casino.  Harry gets involved with all kinds of club-related problems from chorus girls being blackmailed to the jazz band’s guitarist losing his talking guitar in a crooked game of tiddlywinks. While Harry tackles these oddball crimes, he works behind the scenes to clear his name.

Fan Grrl International:  That sounds great!  I look forward to hearing more about your new animated series. Please keep us posted on your progress.   I believe there are lots of fans out there who would love to see an animated wolf detective, as well as the crazy toon world of mysteries that he will uncover and have to deal with.


Gary K. Wolf:  Thank you Fan Grrl International.  It was a pleasure to share with you.  And remember all of you fans out there, if you didn’t win the Roger Rabbit Giveaway Extravaganza this time, don’t give up.  There’s still plenty of contest left.  I’ll give away a second set of prizes, the blu-ray, the book, and the extremely rare zillion simoleon $ note, on August 30.

Same rules.  Answer the Question “What would Roger and Jessica wear to a costume party?”  If you already entered, your entry is still in play.  Enter again if you want to.  There’s no limit.  I’ll happily read ‘em all. Send your entries to

You can see more about the contest here:

Be creative, think waaaay outside the box.  Remember, these are Toons we’re talking about.

Until next time, this is Gary K. Wolf saying, “Have fun and stay Tooned.”

Fan Grrl International:  Thank you Mr. Gary K. Wolf.  This is a very special prize for a collector to win.

Okay fans, you still have a chance!  Check out the links, email in your response, and please like and share this story with all your Facebook friends. Good luck to you all!

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Fan Grrl International is an avid observer of world news and pop-culture arts.  She has a Bachelors of Science in Phycology, a Masters of Arts in Education, and has had the honor of attending Comic-Con professionally for 10 years.


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