Star Wars: Episode VII – Could this be Daisy Ridley in character?
By Oscar Benjamin | 19th June 2014


Wow!!! Jedi Hunters?  Look at the newest costume photos from Star Wars: Episode VII (2015), directed by J.J. Abrams.   The feature film is…”A continuation of the saga created by George Lucas set 30 years after Return of the Jedi.” ~imdb.

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Mark A. Johnston

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      Entertainment News Line has once again discovered another and possibly more intriguing set of images that were posted on Mark A. Johnston’s Facebook account.  Actress Daisy Ridley is one of J.J. Abrams’ most fascinating casting choices.  Her International Movie Data Base listing displays credits that most mainstream audiences would not be familiar with, but Abrams has shown a unique ability in his casting choices as demonstrated in past films, such as “Star Trek,” so the safe bet is that “Star Wars:  Episode VII” will bear this out once again. 

     The latest images appear to possibly be Daisy Ridley’s character test shots as a yet to be identified character in the latest chapter of the much beloved Star Wars film series.  The first image appears to be a conceptual design and bears the interesting credit-“Consudo & Samantha.”  I have studied the International Movie Data Base credits for the film and have located Samantha Keeble from the Costume and Wardrobe Department where she receives a junior assistant costume designer credit.  Could she be the designer that had a hand in these designs for Daisy Ridley?  I could not receive confirmation from any sources connected with the film.

     The clearest reveal hints at a Darth Maul-like character and does raise the possibility that the latest Star Wars film will feature a female villain. However, that is open to speculation as the appearance of Daisy Ridley should not be assumed to be that of a villainous character.  There have also been rampant rumors swirling around a plot detail of Jedi Hunters that will be featured in the movie.  These might be the first ones to show what the Jedi Hunters might look like, but there has been no confirmation stating what stage of development design these images display.

     The Details shown hint that the character appears to possibly be a mystical one in nature because of the placement of the “Third Eye” on the forehead of the actress.  Many cultures believe that if one was able to tap into the third eye, which is said to be located on the forehead, you would gain the ability to see beyond the obvious physical world.  The introduction of this spiritual belief would fit comfortably within the mystical teachings of the Jedi and Sith notions presented in the Star Wars canon.

     It might also be logical to assume that Daisy Ridley’s appearance suggests that she may be one of the rumored Jedi Hunters because the skeletal pattern on her face, neck, and perhaps the rest of her body might indicate that the character is a death dealer.  As I stated above, these images might be our first look at the main villain in the new Star Wars films.  The cloak she wears also has ties to Jedi and Sith alike. 

     The image that might also hint at the final appearance of Daisy Ridley is that which apparently features the actress with horns on her head and an obvious eye color difference which also extends to the third eye.  It is a rather fearsome look which compares favorably to past characters as the aforementioned Darth Maul and Darth Vader himself.  

 Entertainment News Line will endeavor to continue to discover images and present them to you as soon as possible.  This reporter will also continue to obtain information as to the origin of these images, and you should continue to return Entertainment News Line for the latest information and images from the latest Star Wars film and more. 

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