Star Wars: Episode VII Shares 5 New Production Photos
By Oscar Benjamin | 10th June 2014



Check out the exciting new production photos from Star Wars: Episode VII (2015) Directed by J.J. Abrams.   The feature film is…”A continuation of the saga created by George Lucas set 30 years after Return of the Jedi.” ~imdb.

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Featured Editorial:

Mark A. Johnston ~ Photo of Mark A. Johnston by Arlene Barshinger.

          This entertainment reporter accidentally discovered that actor/writer Mark A. Johnston recently posted on Facebook, 5 new production photos for the much-anticipated Disney, Lucas Films, and J.J. Abrams sci/fi epic currently entitled, Star Wars: Episode VII. After pressing for answers, I found out that Mark was given an okay to post them.  Wow… That is fantastic!   Within the past couple of weeks or so, images have begun to find their way onto the Internet and publications all over the world.  These images have only begun and this Entertainment News Line reporter and columnist has been given these startling new images that hints at the amazing attention to detail that director J.J. Abrams’ crew is adhering to.


The first image obviously depicts the pilot’s area of the much beloved ship that belongs to Han Solo.  It is still in need of more detailing at the point the image was taken, but one can fairly surmise that it will be completely accurate from all appearances.





The second image depicts the exterior of this particular set.  It appears that for filming purposes, the cockpit area of the Millennium Falcon will be a stand-alone set for easy access when filming.


SW-3 The third image will be the most intriguing for fans.  It depicts two vehicles that should be familiar to devotees of the saga.  The vehicle in the foreground appears to be an exact recreation of the snow speeder from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, which begs the question “Will there be a frigid planet that the protagonists will find themselves on?  Will we see the return of the planet Hoth?”  The second vehicle is a variation of the fighter ships used by the Empire.  The “T.I.E. Fighter” that bedeviled the rebels throughout the middle trilogy of the saga.


SW-4 The fourth image depicts an unknown vehicle which seems to borrow elements from the vehicles that were seen on Coruscant and maybe of royalty based design.  This is pure speculation on the part of this reporter and I have not received any confirmation from any sources.  It is a fascinating look at a design in progress and time will tell whether this reporter receives any more images of this particular ship design!




SW-5 The fifth image depicts what appears to be the early stage of setting up trailers for an on location shoot possibly in the Abu Dhabi area of the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East.  Past images have suggested that perhaps this location is meant to establish that the filmmakers will once again center some kind of activity upon the planet Tatooine first seen in the 1977 release of “Star Wars:  A New Hope.”  Sources are neither confirming nor denying this speculation. As the feverishly anticipated movie continues to film, Entertainment News Line will endeavor to be the first to give you breaking news and images up to the release date of December 18, 2015. Be sure to bookmark our website and check back often as we will endeavor to obtain more images as soon as we are able to!

- Oscar Benjamin
Entertainment Journalist

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